Writers in Conversation

The NeMLiA Collective organized the roundtable “Writers in Conversation: Ondjaki, Jacinda Townsend, and Samrat Uadhyay” on March 4, 2014, on the occasion of a visit by the award-winning writer Ondjaki. Ondjaki, whose given name is Ndalu de Almeida, grew up in Luanda, Angola, and now lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He writes short stories, poems, and novels; he has also made the film Hope the Pitanga Cherries Grow, screened during his fall 2009 residency at IU. IU English Department faculty members Jacinda Townsend and Samrat Upadhyay are also award-winning creative writers.

Click HERE to see the video of the roundtable.

Writers in Conversation

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