Welcome to NeMLiA (New Media and Literary Intiatives in Africa), the multi-form resource on new media and literary and artistic initiatives across the African continent!

NeMLiA is a project dedicated to exploring the important-but-little-understood relationships between the different modes of literary and media production in literature, film, photography, art, and music as well as issues of intellectual property, copyright, piracy and access.

Founded in 2012, NeMLiA is a faculty-led initiative affiliated with Indiana University’s African Studies Program. We are dedicated to bringing together different resources—human, technological, institutional—which enable productive reflection on questions of unequal intellectual and symbolic exchanges, especially as these pertain to Africa-based cultural workers.

Here you will encounter and interactively experience the various formats which our on-going efforts have generated. From the links and other resources that are available on this website, you will see that our collaborators are mostly located on the African continent, but also very much linked to the translocal community that is the African world.

We encourage you to explore the website. We will continue to develop and expand its content!

41 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you so much!!! I am working on a leadership development experience for Black students from NYU and your work is proving helpful as I consider self-portraiture, identity representation in the context of them spending time in Senegal bumping up against a myriad of issues that impact how they see themselves and the world. Much appreciated. Enjoy!!!

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